This agreement is between Collabüro (the “Organization”) and the renting party (the “User”)


A. The User is an Independent body wishing to rent meeting room space. 

B. The Organization has agreed to provide certain meeting room space within the Organization to the User under the terms of this Agreement as hereinafter provided: 

THEREFORE in consideration of the covenants, terms and conditions contained herein, the Organization and User agree to the following: 

1. Rental – The Organization will provide the User with the facilities, equipment and/or services during the agreed upon period on agreed upon date for the agreed upon space at listed rate + HST. The User will use the facilities, equipment and/or services only for the purpose set out in the Agreement. The User will maintain the facilities and/or equipment in good working order throughout the time of the User access or use. The User event will not interfere with the orderly functioning of the facility. Users will have access to the property 15 minutes prior to the booked period unless an alternate arrangement is made with the Organization. Any set-up and/or clean-up time required by the User are considered to be part of the booking time.

1.1 Bookings are held on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rental spots will be held for up to 48 hours without payment. The reserved spot will expire automatically after 48 hours. 

1.2 Facility should not be considered booked until either 50% of fees are paid or in the case of the Small Room, 100% of fees are paid.  

1.3 We have a no pets policy. Service dogs are exempt.

1.4 One-time bookings are considered to be consecutive hours and cannot be split into multiple timed portions, such that a 4 hour booking has to be 4 consecutive hours.

1.5 Any extra hours spent in the building before or after the event may be charged to the User at the hourly rate of the rented facility. The User must inform the Organization that extra time is required, and the Organization may deny the request as other bookings or set-up / clean-up crew schedules may be dependent on the start/end time of the booking.

1.6 The lounge area on the bottom floor can be used lightly by the User and attendees, but no food or drinks can be consumed in the area unless agreed upon. If lounge area or other areas not in the rental agreement are used by the User and attendees during the booking then there may be additional charge for the rental of the used space and any clean up cost associated with the used space.

1.7 The front door of the building is to remain closed. The Organization will provide a mobile doorbell that can be used by the attendees to ring and notify the User, but at no time the door can be left open for more than 10 minutes. The User or attendees will not allow anyone to enter the building that is not part of the attendees. Coworking members all have access to enter the building and do not require anyone to let them in.

1.8 The back doors of the building are to remain closed at all times unless there is an emergency that requires the User and attendees to leave the building. In the case of such an emergency, User must call 911 and the Organizer.

2. Licenses – The User hereby represent and warrant to us that the User have all approvals, permits, and consents necessary for the User to carry out the activity at the facilities and/or to use the equipment and agree that the User will at all times comply with all applicable federal, provincial, and municipal legislation and regulations. A valid liquor license from AGCO is required to have alcohol in the building and must be provided to the Organization before the event.

3. Payment – The User will pay to the Organization the total amount set out in Schedule A, plus HST and other applicable taxes. Unless otherwise indicated in this Agreement, the Organization must receive full payment upon signing this Agreement prior to commencement of the User use of the facilities, equipment and/or services.

For the Main Hall and Large Room, If the rental start date is more than 2 weeks from the date of this agreement, then a 50% deposit is required, and the remaining 50% to be paid 5 business days prior to the rental start date. The deposit is non-refundable if cancellation of the event occurs less than 20 business days before the event is scheduled. All fees are non-refundable if cancellation of the event occurs 5 business days or less before the event is scheduled. 

For the Small Meeting Room, the full payment is required to hold the date, and a full refund will be given back for cancellation requested up to 5 business days prior to the start date of the rental.  All fees are non-refundable if cancellation of the event occurs less than 5 business days or less before the event is scheduled.

4. Refundable security deposit is required to reserve your rental. The User will be responsible for any damage to the building or furnishing, including artworks and murals. The deposit will be retained by the Organization in the event of late cancellation, damage or non-compliance with the space rental agreement. 

5. Cancellations – The Organization accepts no responsibility for cancellations due to inclement weather, natural disasters or other disasters such as power outages or other disasters. An event reservation, though confirmed, may be cancelled by the Organization due to unforeseen contagious/infectious outbreaks. A full refund will be made in such circumstances. 

6. Indemnity – The User will be solely responsible for, and will indemnify, defend and hold the Organization (including its managers, directors, employees, contractors and those for whom the Organization are responsible in law) harmless from, any damage, loss, expenses and other liabilities arising out of or relating to the use of the facilities, equipment and/or services, or a breach of this Agreement or applicable laws, by the User or any of the User directors, officers, employees, agents, associates, contractors, guests and any person for whom the User are responsible in law, including any injury or death, or damage or loss of property. The User will promptly notify us of such damage, loss, expense and other liabilities. 

7. Insurance – Non-corporate User will, at the User's expense and for the purpose of supporting the User indemnification obligations under this Agreement, obtain and maintain with reputable insurers licensed in Ontario a comprehensive general liability insurance with a limit of not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage or loss and extended to cover the acts and omissions of the User directors, officers, employees, agents, associates, contractors, guests and any person for whom the User are responsible in law. Such insurance must include coverage for premises and operations, broad form contractual liability, cross liability, contingent employers’ liability, and broad form property damage liability. The minimum amount of insurance coverage required shall not be construed as a limit on the User's obligation to indemnify us. The Organization has a partnership with Duuo Insurance that gives 20% discount to the User when obtaining single-day insurances, and allows for full refund upon insurance cancellation by the User if cancellation is before the date of the event. The User will provide the Organization with written evidence of such insurance in the form of a certificate or other documentation acceptable to the Organization. If no such document is provided to the Organization, then the Organization can cancel the event and may not refund any deposit paid by the User. If the Organization does not cancel the event for lack of insurance, then the User automatically declines insurance coverage and assumes full responsibility for any claims and/or damages resulting from events included in this agreement. Corporate User will not need to obtain such insurance as outlined above. Corporate use is use of the space that is business related such as workshops, classes, conferences, seminars, business meetings, trainings, etc. If unsure about insurance needs, User will contact the Organization to clarify.

8. Privacy – Subject to consent, any personal information the User receives may only be used by authorized User staff, agents or guests to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected, or for a use consistent with that purpose unless expressly consented to otherwise. 

User is also to be aware that all parts of the Organization premises (internal and external) are under 24/7 surveillance to ensure the safety and security of all parties.  Images collected by the security system will only be used for their intended purposes and will only be shared by a 3rd party when required by law.

9. Personal Property – All personal property of the User or guests placed in the rented premises, or in any other portion of the property on which the premises is located, shall be at the sole risk of the User or guests and the Organization shall in no event be liable for loss, deduction, theft, or damage to such property unless caused by or resulting from negligence of the Organization, or its employees. 

10. Use of Space – User will use booked space for its intended purpose and the use will be limited to the booked space.   All other spaces on the premises are off-limit unless an alternate arrangement is made with Organization. 

The User is aware that other members of the co-working spaces may be on premises and will act respectfully making every effort to not disturb them or use their space. Only controlled reasonable noise is allowed. No illegal activities are allowed on premises and no smoking or alcohol is permitted without a valid liquor license. Smoking within 5 meters of the building is not permitted. Zero-tolerance policy is implemented at Organization premises and Organization reserves the right to cancel current and future events if such behaviours are observed/reported without any refunds to the User. User is solely responsible for their guests, and for all attendees and visitors. Proper insurance must be obtained as outlined in section 7 of this agreement.

11. Children must be accompanied and adequately supervised by adults. No persons are permitted in the lounge area unless otherwise agreed. Running and other boisterous activity is prohibited in the building. 

12. Take Down and Cleanup - The user is expected to remove all empty alcohol bottles and cans (to be removed from the facility and placed on the side of the building). All garbage must be bagged and left indoors for the Organization to properly dispose of. The Organization will provide garbage bags and recycling bags as required. Any belongings brought into the Organization must be removed by the end of the event time.

13. Use of Trademarks – All trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, designs and symbols of the Organization are owned by the Organization and any unauthorized use is strictly forbidden unless with our prior written consent, whose consent will be exercised at our sole discretion. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the name “Collabüro” or “Collaburo” must not appear in the heading of any of the User advertising or promotional materials unless for the sole purpose of way-finding. Also, the Organization does not, and must not be perceived to be, sponsoring, endorsing or otherwise promoting or supporting the User activities, products or services. 

14. Force Majeure – The Organization will use reasonable efforts to make the facilities, equipment and/or services available to the User during the times and dates set out in the Agreement. However, if there exists any causes beyond our reasonable control, changes in the laws of Canada or our institutional policies, governmental restrictions, wars, fires, floods, storms, strikes (including illegal work stoppages, or slowdowns), lockouts, labour shortages and building system failures, the Organization may terminate this Agreement. 

15. Termination – The User’s access or use of the facilities, equipment and/or services will terminate upon expiry of the time set out in the Agreement. However, the Organization reserves the right to cancel the User reservation, or to terminate the User access to, or use of, the facilities, equipment and/or services immediately for cause (including but not limited to non-payment by the User of any amount due to the Organization, damage to any Organization facilities or equipment caused by the User, or a breach of another provision of this Agreement or of applicable laws by the User). If this Agreement is terminated with cause, the Organization will not refund any prepaid amount to the User. However, if the Organization cancels or terminates this Agreement without cause (including but not limited to, events of force majeure), the Organization will refund any prepaid amount to the User, and such refund will be the User's sole and exclusive remedy against the Organization for performance of its obligations under this Agreement. 

16. Entire Agreement – This Agreement, including all Schedules, is the entire agreement between the Organization and User with respect to the use of the subject facilities, equipment and/or services for the times and dates specified, and will supersede any and all prior discussions, negotiations and agreements with respect to the same subject matter. 

17. Governing Laws – This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein, without reference to its conflict of law principles. The User will comply with Ottawa's Health and Safety guidelines in terms of checking vaccination status of attendees, timed curfews, number of attendees, and mask rules.

18.  Amenities  Amenities will be based on the agreed upon space as listed on Collabüro website as well as any added resources, if applicable. Only booked space as well as common areas such as washrooms and hallway are permitted. All other spaces such as dedicated desks, lockers, other spaces are strictly off-limit unless an alternate agreement is made with Organization. Hot/Cold drinks on premises are not included for the User and are intended for co-working space members only unless alternate arrangements are made with the Organization. Any hot/cold drinks consumed during the event may be charged to the User at a rate of $3 per drink.

Schedule A 

Guidelines, Conditions and/or Limitations for Rental Space:  A $300 - $1200 (depending on the event) refundable damage deposit is required to confirm the booking for Main Hall upstairs and $150 - $500 (depending on the event) refundable damage deposit is required to confirm the booking for the Large Meeting room / Conference room on lower level. Once it has been determined that damages have not been incurred to the property or to any rental item, or additional cleaning is not required, the deposit will be refunded. 

All food and drinks should remain within the designated space rental area. An additional cleaning fee may be applied if food is served or eaten outside the event space (e.g. lounge area).

An additional cleaning fee may be applied if confetti or glitter is used during an event, or in similar hard-to-clean products. 

Room Capacity must be adhered to and cannot exceed the limit.

Collabüro is a smoke-free facility in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. This includes the use of fire within the facility (such as candles), vaping, smoking in parking lots, grounds, and in personal vehicles on Collabüro property.

Collabüro facility is also alcohol-free (without a proper liquor license).The User is responsible for obtaining a Special Occasion Permit from the AGCO, the Organization requires proof of the obtained license one week prior to the scheduled event. 

Two parking spots are available on the Collabüro property, however, there are many parking lots and parking options around the facility and street parking may be free according to laws set out by the City of Ottawa. Parking at neighboring properties is not allowed without permission.

Catering is allowed from outside vendors and Collabüro may provide special discounts to partner vendors as available.

All meeting attendees assume responsibility for the cleanliness of each room, and are responsible for their own supplies.

Collabüro may rent items required for the event as a convenience to the User. Rental company policies must be adhered to by the User and it is the User's responsibilities to familiarize themselves with these policies. Collabüro shall in no event be liable for loss, deduction, theft, or damage to those rented items.

Approved temporary signage can only be displayed on stands; signage, posters etc. cannot be affixed to walls by any means (this includes the use of nails, staples, tape, tacks and similar material). 

Collabüro promotes a scent-safe environment, scented products should not be worn, and scented items should not be brought into the facility. 

Any use of fog machines, bubble machines, incense or other similar items must be approved by the Collabüro staff. 

Collabüro Inc.

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