Bucket of Wisdom: Seminar Series In this FREE seminar, Chris will read a story from his latest book, Bucket of Wisdom: http://bucketofwisdombook.com/

The story is called “The Parable of the Pipeline” and he will share the 3 Nuggets of Wisdom from this story:

  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income
  • Build a Self-Operating Business®
  • Personal and Business Vision

Come and learn how to apply the 3 Nuggets of Wisdom to your business and entrepreneurial life for success in 2020.

In addition, there will be networking opportunity.

Purchase Bucket of Wisdom book from Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/t2svsyn

About Chris:

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, author, educator and musician.  He has started multiple businesses in a variety of industries.


Chris is a serial entrepreneur having started several businesses.  These include:
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive Repair Centre
  • International Consulting Company
  • and more.


He is the founder of:

- Master Entrepreneur International Inc. http://www.masterentrepreneur.com/
- Firewithin http://firewithincoach.com/


He is the co-founder of:


Chris is the author of:
  • Small Business: An Entrepreneur's Plan
  • Bucket of Wisdom
  • Winner's Attitude


Chris is Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Algonquin College.
He is also "Entrepreneur in Residence" at Algonquin College.


Chris is a lead guitarist for a rock band.

He composes, records, mixes and produces his own rock music.

Check out his music video:


Chris is an early stage, angel investor. He is the Chairman of Master Entrepreneur Investments Corporation.