Directions / Parking

Directions to reach Collabüro:

By 417:
  • If coming from West, get off the Rochester exit, take a right on Rochester, right on Carling, and right on Preston.
  • If coming from East, get off the Bronson exit, take a left on Bronson, right on Carling, and right on Preston.
By Train:
  • 2 Bayview Train - get off at the Carling station (2 mins walk)
By Bus:
  • R2 South Keys - get off at Preston/Adeline stop (1 min walk)
  • 85 Lees - get off right in front of Collabüro
  • 85 Bayshore - get off at Preston/Carling stop (1 min walk)
  • 101 St-Laurent - get off at Carling/Preston stop (1 min walk)


  • Free: There are many 2-hour and 1-hour street parking on all the side streets off of Preston Street.
  • Paid: There is a paid parking lot right across the street (entrance is from Sidney St.) for $10/day. The entrance is not very visible, as it's blocked by the temporary black walls of Soho Condo.